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animanga graphics (icons, colorings, etc) by herinia
Hello, welcome! Hello, and welcome again!

Crysella, a name even its silly owner doesn't know how to pronounce, is where I post my "artistic" graphic creations, mostly but not limited to animanga icons and colourings. If someone is kind enough to donate half of their free time to me, I will gladly produce more tutorials and profile codes too---uhmm. Anyone wants to raise their hands now?

Membership of this community is closed, but feel free to watch it for updates.

I don't ask for comments or credits if you are using my icons in Livejournal (I would greatly appreciate it though \o/), but please do not hotlink, redistribute or edit any graphics without permission unless stated otherwise. You can leave a comment in this community or send me a private message to ask, and I will mostly likely say yes as long as you don't claim them as your own (And if I don't reply you within a week you can spam me as much as you like!).

Whether it is hitsuzen or coincidence that you have arrived here, I hope you will have a little smile on your face when you leave ;)

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The layout is created by meek at toyhouse, while the background pattern was modified from DinPattern. Profile is coded by me.