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profile layouts # 1

They were originally made for myself, but I realized that not that many people are making profile layouts for the fandom so I figured out it might to helpful to make these sharable ♥

TRC exclusive this time! Contains an image from chapter 189 under cut, but just the image alone shouldn't spoil much.


Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Background (style2)
Background (style4)

Alternate headers (vertical)

Alternate headers (horizontal)

Resources/credits can be found here

Please do not remove the credits, or at least put them somewhere visible.
You are free to customize (fonts, colours, quotes, etc) the layout further, you may even put in a completely new header image or simply use the code if you like! I prefer you not to edit the graphics much other than cropping, but it's really up to you :3 Also, hot-linking wouldn't kill my bandswidth, but upload the images to your own server if possible just in case the links are broken.

I'm not really an expert with codes, but I'll try my best to answer your questions. =)

Let me know what you think if it's worth your time (because I would love to make more -probably for other fandoms too- if people are interested) ♥ Even if all you want to say is "stop wasting time on pointless things and get your icons done instead!" xDD And of course, icons from the panels will be coming later *winks*

Please friend for future updates!

X-posted solely to tsubasarc

Random note to my dearest watchers: I'll postpone the opening of requests a bit, because I really don't have time to make them right now =/ W-well that means I can wait till 150 watchers to do it. xDD But seriously, thank you for all the support until now guys ~ ♥
Tags: !profile layout, artist: clamp, fandom: tsubasarc
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