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XX: Fifty Icons

Hi all, look who's posting!
...Yeah, so it turns out that I'm still alive and making icons. Either I don't colour a single panel for three months, or I mass produce 50 icons in less than a week's time. It's a relatively small batch compared to what I used to post, but that's really all I can do for now while school is still running. Hopefully this won't be too disappointing; my deep apologies for any eye damaged caused due to blinding colours and non-sense shadings but I kinda forgot how to colour manga properly during my three-month break...yeah. Please enjoy the batch nonetheless!

[16] Durarara!!
[07] Kobato
[11] Olimpos
[16] Pandora Hearts
[50] Total


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my heart will go on and on
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XIX: Seventy Icons

Not much to say this time (shhh I'm lazy. xD;), last post of 2009 unless I somehow manage to post a big colouring or maybe a tutorial, but oh what's the chance. Otherwise enjoy the holiday and hope to see you all in 2010!

[04] Boukyaku no Cradle
[18] Kobato
[09] Olimpos
[24] Pandora Hearts
[11] Tsubasa
[04] Utahime
[70] Total


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XVIII: Thirty-Five Icons

School is driving me a bit crazy right now (it's my first year in university \o/) and it seems that I won't have too much time for graphics before the term ends, so I am posting what I've made so far. Enjoy these while I disappear into the dark side of the Earth burying myself in a pile of books!

[08] Gundam 00
[06] Kobato
[15] Pandora Hearts
[06] Misc (Hakushaku to Yousei & Tsubasa)
[35] Total


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XVII: One Hundred Icons

Finally an icon post! Hopefully this is worth the long wait. Some of these were made back in May while the others were freshly baked today, so please bear with the difference in quality. Also just ignore if the icons look like they were coloured by ten different persons; my style changes every five days and there's nothing I could do about it. xD

All are manga colourings. The ones with an asterisk (*) beside their numbers are remakes of really old icons.

[14] Akuma to Love Song
[07] Cardcaptor Sakura
[10] Karneval
[17] Loveless
[25] Pandora Hearts
[25] Tsubasa
[02] Misc
[100] Total


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Colouring #13

Original Scan: Chapitre 35

Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Character(s): Sakura
Artist: CLAMP
Medium: Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS 3
Time: 4.5 Hours

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates; I have been spending most of my free time drawing instead of making icons this summer. I'm working on a batch currently, hopefully I will have it done by next week. In the meanwhile, have a ~shiny~ colouring! /o/

I'm using SAI more and more for my bigger colourings, mainly because it's less time consuming (I still use Photoshop for my icons though). Touch-ups and other details are still fixed in PS. Something about the colours screams awkward to me, but I can't figure out what...hopefully it doesn't hurt your eyes too much.

I had to redraw part of her clothes when I was getting rid of the logo. I hope it looks alright!

As usual, if you are using my colouring for graphics just let me know and credit me for the colouring :)
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colouring #12

Original Scan: Score 10

Series: Karneval
Character(s): Nai, Tsukumo
Artist: Mikanagi Touya
Medium: Photoshop CS 3
Time: ...20+ Hours?

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Original Scan: Chapter 19

Series: Loveless
Character(s): Aoyagi Ritsuka, Agatsuma Soubi
Artist: Kouga Yun
Media: Photoshop CS 3, Paint Tool SAI
Time: 11 Hours

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Thank you to everyone who voted on my previous poll! The results are quite close so I think I will make a bit of both fandoms. I doubt I will post anything before July arrives though since I have a ton of exams and rl business in June...thank you for always being patient and sticking with me for so long, anyway ♥