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profile layouts # 2

There is barely time for me to do any manga colouring recently, so here comes a profile layout post instead. I had been using this one in my own profile for a while and liked it quite a lot, so I thought I would make some modifications and share the code before I change it in a few days :)


BROWSERTested in Firefox 3.5.7 and IE 7.0
HEADERPlease use and upload your own header. The header above are shown for the sole purpose of preview only. Find HEADER URL HERE in the code, and replace it with the URL of your image. The default dimension of the header is 140*450; you can either adjust the height of your header or the length of the text accordingly to avoid ugly stretchings in the layout.
IMAGESBackground: http://i48.tinypic.com/seoc46.png
Spacer: http://i46.tinypic.com/2zp5lsl.png
No need to upload these yourself; in other words, you may hotlink if you prefer. The background image is taken and modified from DinPattern.
COLOURSBorders: #dddddd
Headings: #f29838
Text: #707070
Links: #f1c16f
Credits: #808080
Customize the code above and paste it into here.
NOTESFind URL HERE and replace with the appropriate links.

Free feel to edit/change/customize anything (colours, fonts, sizes, etc) you want, but please don't remove the credit line unless if you are putting it somewhere else!

Let me know your thoughts on it! If my colouring-muse still doesn't come back soon I will probably make more profile layouts haha. Leave a comment if you have any questions and I will try my best to help.
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Ohh, the layout is love, its so simple and gorgeous at the same time.

I do wonder if you'll make Pandora heart themed layouts *wink*wink*.
I currently have plans for a batch of Durarara!! layouts (that's only if I have time though - my next two weeks are all packed with school work, but the second half of February might work since I won't have my tablet to do any manga colouring, so I can fill my time with some coding. xD;), but Pandora Hearts is a possibility. I actually tried to make a PH moodtheme (the fandom needs something like that, argh) once but gave up before I'm even 10% done lol. Choosing and then colouring 100+ panels was harder than I thought...
The fandom definitely does, PH is one of the most underrated mangas I've seen. Its too good to be unappreciated. I actually tried colouring PH, cleaning the scans were so difficult, especially using a mouse, that I gave up in two days or so:-_-

Making moodthemes is extremely ambitious, I wish you ALL the good luck in the world for those. XD
It doesn't seem that underrated to me after the anime aired (even though it was a horrible adaption...), or maybe it's just because I hang around LJ too much LJ is full of PH love *w*
If you can find those high quality scans, PH actually isn't that hard to clean compare to some other manga (at least for those screentone-free panels). Cleaning and colouring are all about patience, so don't give up so soon!

Haha, unless if I'm horridly bored one day I doubt I will continue on that project. Or maybe I can just crop all the pics and put the batch up in black and white, but I don't see the point then :/
Your profile layouts are always beautiful.
This may sound weird.. but the border width & the font size is just right. ♥ And I like your detailed description of one single profile code. XD
I might use this sometime~ I like it very much^^
oh, pretty! I might use it, and will credit you! :)
So pretty!!!

I might use it, and definitely won't remove the credits if I do.
First time I've seen a live preview for profile coding. |D'
Fun profile~ Although I could never think of that many words to describe myself on it
Lots of people do it nowadays, actually :O It's just that they either host it in their own websites (which I don't bother signing up for a host site |D) or put it directly in the entry. I thought the latter might jam the page if I post a whole set of profiles in the future so I dump it over at my back-up comm instead |D

I guess that's my bad habit. I tend to put too many words on my profile layouts and that probably scare people away TTwTT
Timely , My profile layouts Of the period since you used, I need to change it
After your permission, I'll use it .
Thank you for the pretty profile layouts ~ ♥
Thank you soooo much. I customized it (and I'm really proud of myself :D I usually suck with computers.)
Definitely using this—thank you!
Will be using the layout, lovely!
I really like this. Going to use it at my graph com.
Thanks so much. ♥